Current Awareness Service in Library Science

The various types of new documentation and information services are being provided by the library and information center. which is helping in research and development, industrial productivity management, marketing business, etc.

The growth of many types of publications in the world is increasing day by day, these publications are being published in different forms.

To provide information service to the growing publications, the Library and Information Center provides a special type of service, these services are called Current Identification Service (CAS) and Selected Broadcast Service (SDI).

CAS (Current Awareness Service)

In the CAS service, the reader is contacted with the latest information. This service is important for the reader who wants to know the latest development only in his specific subject.

According to Ranganathan - "CAS tries to provide the reader with the latest information about his specific subject and related topics in an expeditious manner."

According to Strauss - "The process of selecting information related to the journal, magazine, report, booklet, etc. is a mixture of topical information service."

According to Satyanarayana and Rayadaja - "It is a service that provides all the information affecting the progress of the researcher's work at the right time and convenience.

CAS- Current Awareness Service

Characteristics & Features of CAS (Current awareness service)

CAS has the following features:

1. This service is usually in the form of a publication and tries to draw the attention of the user towards timely or new information.

2. This service does not provide any specific answer but gives complete information about new developments.

3. This service is not related to anyone subject but is related to the broad topic. With which the researcher can get information about his subjects of interest as well as other subjects.

4. This service strives to provide as soon as possible.

5. This service can also be in the form of a Bibliography.

Methods of CAS (Current awareness service)

The following are the methods of providing CAS (Current awareness service):

i. Providing information to the reader through interpreting.

ii. To convey information by a particular messenger.

iii. Sending information to those researchers who are unable to come to the library for any reason.

iv. To distribute magazines among the members sequentially.

V. To provide information on new course materials by publishing timely recognition bulletins.

vi. Providing information by publishing bibliographies.

vii. Providing information by creating indexes and abstracts.

viii. Providing information via computer.

Type of CAS (Current Awareness Service)

1. Contents of journal service - This type of service is published by the library publishing center of the library, publishing the tables of the contents of the journals and providing timely recognition service to the users.

2. Current awareness list - This type of service is classified subject-wise by classifying articles published in journals by Mump Documentation Center and publishing bibliographic lists. With the help of these lists, a timely identification service is provided.

The example of the Chemical Titles of the Abstract Service and Current Chemical Papers of the Chemical Society of the British Chemical Society of Britain is an example of this.

3. Research in progress bulletins - In this type of service, a bulletin is issued from time to time about the progress of research in the same field. This service is provided in collaboration with research institutes. The US Department of Agriculture is providing this service.

4. Newspaper clipping service - Newspaper is the center and source of the latest information and knowledge. Different types of news are published in a newspaper.

Clippings of this information is pasted on the entire paper and categorized subject wise, which are then provided to the user at fixed intervals. Thus, newspaper clipping is an important service of CAS. 

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