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To understand the library software, the literal meaning of the software as a cluster of programs means various programs are integrated under it. In this way, various programs are integrated under Library Software keeping in mind the functions of the library.

Different software is made for different tasks like railway, bank, air service, etc. There are different types of software, in the same way, many software was created keeping in mind the convenience for library functions. Like SOUL, KOHA, e-Granthalaya, CDS, ISIS, LIBSYS, SANJAY, LIBRARIAN, etc.

Development of Library Software in India

The application of computers in the field of library and information attracted the attention of information businesses worldwide.

The application of computers in the field of library and information in India started from the 1960s but accelerated in the 1980s and in the last two decades, significant efforts were made to computerize the Library Information System and in the library software Development is important.

Development of Library Software

Development of Library Software in India 

INSDOC first used computers in the field of the library. In the 1960s, IBB1620 designed software for the Model-1 computer, which was designed to prepare a rich catalog of scientific journals.

BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center) Bombay tried to develop the AFSARI Software System at COBOL for topical awareness service and selected information service.

DRTC Bangalore made several experiments in the document detection system DFS (Document Finding System). The project was completed under the direction of Prof. Neelamedhan and a set of programs were developed and run on IBM 1401 Computer System.

Apart from this, some other libraries have also worked in this direction, such as BHEL Hyderabad, RRC Kalpakkam, NAL Bangalore, INSDOC Delhi, IIT Delhi, DESIDOC, etc.

Recently, national and regional organizations like DESIDOC, NISSAT, DELNET, NIC, UGC, etc. have shown interest in developing software and distributing it at a low-cost Library Software.


Often, the library does not try to develop software for its own reasons due to many reasons such as lack of programmers, long development time, cost, etc. Therefore, the purchase of commercially available software is easy for the library. 

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