What is Library Legislation in India and Library Act in India

What is Library Legislation in India and Library Act in India

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What is Library Legislation and Library Act in India

In this article, We learn What is Library Legislation in India, the Library Act in India, the Need for Library legislation, the Quality of good Library Act, & Concept of Library Legislation.

What is Library Legislation

Library Act is a type of law or legislation that is any country and state government passed and implemented to establish a library system in its territory.

Thus we can say that the Library Act is known for the creation of a library system under the Central or State Government and its maintenance, functions, services, rights, and management in a lawful form.

Great Britain is one of the countries in the world where the Library Act was first passed on 14 August 1950. In 1956 passed the library act in the USA.

The need for Library legislation

The following are the requirements of the Library Act in any country or state.

(1) To establish the Library

(2) To the development of Library

(3) For the establishment of networking in the libraries

(4) Library, Structure, Strengthening Policy, Determining Finance Provisions.

(5) Formation of the Board of Directors of Ensuring and Continuing the Library.

(6) Training of employees

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(C) Provide free library service to the public.

Library Legislation in India

Concept of Library Legislation

According to Dr. S. R. Ranganathan, there are the following elements of the Library Act which are required to be mentioned in the Library Act

(1) (Premilaries) Poe simarikS.

(2) Top Management)

(3) Library committee

(4) Finance Provision

(5) Accounts & Audits

(6) Rules or Bylaws

Model Public Library Act

Quality of Good Model Library Act: The Best Library Act has the following qualities

(1) The Act should contain provisions relating to the administration and direction of libraries.

(2) The publication of committees and subcontracts related to the library and various functions. There should be a provision for the formation of committees.

(3) There should be a clear provision of the duties and responsibilities of these reviewers and sub-committees.

(4) There should be a provision of good financial resources for the operation of libraries.

(5) There should also be a provision for the establishment of additional, non-governmental libraries.

(6) There should also be a provision to maintain harmony between the library.

(7) There should be the free provision of services provided in the library.

(8) Keeping in mind the interests of all sections of the society, according to the type of libraries.

(9) People of the society who are unable to visit the library due to personal reasons. There should be a provision to provide library service for Man.

(10) Along with this, the posts, pay scale, service of employees working, Promotion, teaching-training, in the libraries, etc. should also be arranged. "

Library Act in India

In 1933 and 1937, the Madras Library Association was first prepared and presented the Madras Library acts, but for some reason, they couldn't be passed.

In independent India, the same act was passed in the state of Madras in 1948. Which is the first state in India to pass the Library Act.

So far 19 states of India have passed the Library Legislation Act in their state. The list below is as follows

01. Madras State Public Library Act 1948

02. Andhra Pradesh State Public Library Act 1960

03. Karnataka Public Library Act of 1965

04. Maharastra Public Library Act of 1967

05. West Bengal Public Library Act of 1979

06. Manipur State Public Library Act 1988

07. Haryana State Public Library Act 1989

08. Goa State Public Library Act 1993

09. Mizoram State Public Library Act 1993

10. Kerala Public Library Act 1989

11. Gujrat State Public Library Act 2001

12. Odisha State Public Library Act 2001

13. Uttarakhand State Large Library Act of 2005

14. Rajasthan State Large Library Act of 2006

15. UP State Large Library Act of 2006

16. Lakshadweep State Large Library Act of 2007

17. Chhatisgarh State Large Library Act of 2009

18. Bihar State Public Library Act 2008 

19. Arunachal State Large Library Act of 2009

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