Melvil Dewey & Melvil Dewey Biography 

Melvil Dewey is an American Librarian, and educator. He was creating a Dewey Decimal system (DDC) of library classification. It is most widely used in the library & founder of the Lake Placid Club in 1895.

Melvil Dewey is known as the father of library classification and the father of library science in America. 

In 1876, Melvil Dewey has founded ALA (American Library Association) in the United States. 

Full Name: Melville Lewis Kosuth Dewey

Melvil Dewey Date of Birth: 10 December 1851 (Adams Center, Newark, USA)

Death: December 26, 1931 (Lake Placid, Florida USA)

Constructor: DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) in Library and Information Science.

Father Name: Joel Dewey

Spouse(s) Name:   

(1) Annie R. Godfrey ​(m. 1878)​

(2) Emily McKay Beal ​(m. 1924)

Son Name: Godfrey Dewey.

Melvil Dewey Biography

Melville Dewey, at the age of 21, is credited with converting the post of library president to Amherst College Melville Dewey in 1873 while serving as a student assistant in a commercial library.

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Dewey was instrumental in the publication of Library Journal - the first magazine published in the world in the field of library science in 1876. It was published monthly.

Melville Dewey has first used the term Library Economy in 1876, the world's largest and oldest library association.

He remained the secretary of this association from 1876–90 and as president until 1890–93. In 1883 he was appointed librarian of Columbia College.

Dewey Sir founded the School of Library Economy, which was the first library school in the world (Columbia, USA), on 5 January 1887 for library education.

Melville Dewey is credited with transforming the post of library president into a business post.

From 1888 to 1900, Dewey served as the secretary of New York University and in 1889 was also the director of the New York State Library.

In 1895, Melville Dewey, in collaboration with his wife Annie, founded the Lake Placid Club.

The DDC-Dewey Decimal Classification development took place in 1873.

Establishment: Established in 1876.

Constructors: Melville Dewey.

Publication: in two editions (full version and abridged version)

Basis: Based on the bank model

First Edition: Published in 1876. Published by an anonymous name

Total Pages-44

Role in 12 pages

Schedule in 12 pages

Index in 18 pages

Clarification in 2 pages.

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