What is Digital Library? | What is meant by Digital Library

What is Digital Library? | What is meant by Digital Library

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Digital Library in Library & Information Science & Digital Library in India

A digital library is a library in which collections are stored in digital or electronic format and can be accessed through electronic devices and computers.

Digital Library is also known as Online Library, Internet Library, Digital Repository, or a Digital Collection is an online database of digital objects that can include Book as a form of Text, Images, Audio, Video, Digital documents, a library accessible through the internet.

In other words, in digital libraries, documents are stored in a systematic electronic format and via the Internet or CD-ROM discs.

In 1994, the term Digital Library was first popularized by the NASA Digital Libraries.

Michael Stern Hart is the founder of the first project for Digital Library. Michael Stern Hart enabled electronic books freely available via the Internet. 

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Digital Library

Depending on the nature of the particular library, the user can access magazine articles, books, pictures, sound files, letters, and videos using a computer.

Digital libraries, like traditional libraries, Acquire, Circulate, Charge-Discharge, and preserve collections. The major difference from these is that the resources in digital libraries are available only in machine-readable form.

This means modifying the concept of traditional storage so that it is necessary to include electronically obtained materials and make them available.

In a digital library, various types of social and organizational useful information and knowledge of people are stored using information management methods in multimedia data.

In general, the repository of knowledge in a digital library is kept in a structured, processed, and organized manner.

Thus, this repository serves the user community as a traditional library. One of the best examples of a digital library is the National Digital Library of India, IIT Kharagpur.

The Digital Library of India is a major library of books in Indian languages ​​that is available to all on the Internet. Books in this are searchable and available to read for free.

Additionally, it provides online links to six Indian newspapers- Times of India, The Hindu Indian Express, Deccan Herald.

Examples of Digital Libraries in India: Many of the Digital Libraries in India are:

1. National Digital Library of India, IIT Kharagpur

2. Traditional Knowledge Digital Library Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

3. Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts, Digital Library, New Delhi

4. Vidyanidhi: Library and Digital Library of the Department of Informatics University of Mysore, Mysore

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