IASLIC: Publication, Education & Training, Newsletter, Full Form, Bulletin, Objectives, Activities, & Organization. 

The full form of IASLIC is the Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centers. The IASLIC Association was established on 3 September 1955 in Calcutta with the good faith of Dr. S. L. Hora. He is the first president, Dr. Hora, who was elected. It is a registered Legislative Council with its head office located in Calcutta.

When an organization is formed by individuals or groups for the fulfillment of a common purpose, it is called an association. These organizations can be at both the government or non-government business levels.

The library the sector is also no exception. Library Association is an association in which individuals or organizations associated with this business area are members. Examples of some major library associations are ALA, LA, ILA, IASLIC, etc.

Objectives of IASLIC | IASLIC Objective

1. To encourage the systematic acquisition and transmission of knowledge.

2. To make efforts to improve library and information services.

3. Documentation techniques in the form and form of a specialized research center library.

4. To act as an information center for scientific, technical, and other fields.

5. Contribute to library training

6. Publishing of library literature

7. Working for library collaboration and coordination.

8. To work for improving the technical efficiency of the employees working in specialized libraries and information centers.

Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centers
IASLIC-Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centers

Major Activities of IASLIC

The following major works are being done by it:

1. Publication IASLIC - Bulletin (quarterly), IASLIC Newsletter (monthly), and Indian Library Science abstract (annual) are being published regularly.

2. Meetings: It is organizing annual conferences, seminars, etc. every year.

3. Education and training - Organizes short-term workshops for training in Librarianship in Calcutta and other parts of the country for training in Librarianship.

4. The text is reproducing, translating, photocopying, and editing reprographics works.

5. For the benefit of people related to business, he has been establishing contact with the government and other officials from time to time.

6. IASLIC is collaborating with NISSAT (National Information System for Science and Technology), it is affiliated to international professional associations such as IFLA (International Federation of Libraries Association and FID (International Federation of Documentation)).

IASLIC Organization - General, respected, lifelong, and organizations are members of IASLIC. The General Council elects a Chairman for two years, six Vice-Presidents, one General Secretary, one Treasurer, two Joint Secretaries, two Assistant Secretaries, one Librarian, and twenty Council members.

In this way, we see that IASLIC has been functioning as a learned council for years. Efforts have been made to increase its pride by including scientists, academics, administrators, etc. among the members. 

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