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When an organization is formed by individuals or groups to fulfill a common purpose, it is called Associations. These organizations can be at both governmental or non-governmental levels.

Library Association is a professional association in which individuals or organizations associated with this business area are members. Examples of some major library associations are ALA, LA, ILA, ISLIC, etc.

Major Purposes of Library Associations

i. Representing the Library business at international, national, and state levels.

ii. To work for the development and well being of the people associated with the library and library business.

iii. Getting or attempting to pass the Library Act at various states and national levels.

iv. Proper arrangement for education, training of library staff.

V. Preparation of National Library and Information Policy and National Policy of Services.

vi. Organizing a conference, seminars, meetings, etc. so that the library staff and the public can awaken to the library.

To achieve these objectives, a conference of library presidents of America, Canada, and Great Britain was organized in America in 1876, with the effort of Melvin Dewey, then ALA: American- Library Association was established, headquartered in Chicago.

It's first founding secretary, Melvin Dewey, was created. It is the largest and oldest library association.

American Library Associations
American Library Associations (ALA)

ALA Membership - Any person interested in the library or organization can be a members of the library without any geographical boundaries.

ALA Organization - The Presidential Executive and members are elected by the General Assembly of ALA. ALA is governed by a board of management, with several departments. Such as Children's Library, Reference Service, Library Training, etc.

Some of the reviews look at the works of its other subject, the Round Table Council for the interests of the members. Some staff has also been hired for their functioning.

ALA Work - ALA has been successful in serving in the field of a library in many ways:

i. ALA has done a lot of work in developing the library consciousness and giving impetus to the library movement in our country.

The Library The act was passed in some states even before the establishment of ALA, but still by 1887, with its efforts, the Act was passed in 20 states.

ii. Library science has actually been developed by ALA in the world. Library Economy, the first school of library science in America, was started in Colombia only by its efforts.

iii. ALA continuously strives to maintain uniformity in the library process, technical and services leveling, and library training.

iv. It contributes significantly to research and new experiments in the field of library and information broadcasting.

v. Organizes annual sessions, seminars, and workshops.

vi. The specialty of the Union Qualitative Library Service establishes criteria to improve quality qualities.

vii. The library offers several awards in the name of scholars.

viii. Every year the national library authority is organized by the Union.

Two powerful statements were adopted by ALA in 1948 and 1953.

i. Library Bill of Rights
ii. Freedom to read.

The Bill of Library Rights was accepted by the Union in 1948, this publication was published in ALA B in July, August 1948, in which the following things went.

i. No book will be prohibited, all people will be considered to have books and other course material in terms of entertainment, information, and knowledge.

ii. No book or course material will be boycotted due to theoretical disapproval, provision of textual content presenting all perspectives related to international, national, and local problems will be made.

iii. A text-based on the moral or political opinion that establishes Americanism must be challenged by the library to maintain its responsibility to provide information and enlightenment to the masses.

iv. As an educational institution for democratic living, the Library should make use of it's gathering to make available to all the groups without any discrimination of views.

In 1953, the association, in collaboration with the American Book Publishers Council, formulated an individual on freedom of reading as follows. “Freedom of reading and reading is essential for our democracy. We believe that free communication is necessary to protect our free society and culture. "

ALA Publication - ALA has circa 2000 publications with some of the following

i. ALA Year Book
ii. ALA Hand Book of organization and Members: A Directory (Annual)
iii. American Libraries (Monthly)
iv. Washington newsletter
V. Library Technology Project Report. 

ALA is an association with organizations related to books, information education, communication, etc. It also participates actively in the activities of UNESCO, IFLA, FID, which has helped many countries in library-related subjects, its work is rarely appreciated.

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