Indian Library Association (ILA): Objectives, Functions, Publication, & Activities

The Indian Library Association was established in 1933. It is a registered institution. Its head office is now located in New Delhi. It is a major national association representing all library professionals in the country.

The objective of the Indian Library Association (ILA) - This association has been established keeping in mind the objective of starting a high-level library Librarianship and library service in the country.

The main objective of the Indian Library Association (ILA) is: -

(i) To give the impetus to the library movement in the country and get the Library Act passed. Strive to improve library and information services.

(iii) To cooperate in the development of library science education and training and to guide to maintaining a proper level of education.

(iv) Make efforts to improve the salary level and working conditions of the library professionals.

(v) To promote cooperation between Granthalagas and Library practitioners.

(vi) To promote research in the library and information science.

(vii) To associate the State and other library associations with itself.

(viii) To establish cooperation with national and international associations with common objectives.

(ix) Publication of serials for the dissemination of information.

(x) To provide a common platform for Seminar Business Meetings and Conferences.

(xi) Determining the standards and standards for management in the library and information system and providing guidance.

Indian Library Association - ILA
Indian Library Association (ILA)

Organization - The organization is formed by an ordinary honorary, Life, Patron, Institutional and Associate members.

A President, 6 Vice-Presidents, a General Secretary, and twenty council members are elected by the General Council for two years. There are eleven departmental committees to look after the business functions of various fields.

An executive the committee is functioning to manage the prescribed functions of the union, in which the president of the union, a vice-chairman, general secretary, treasurer, two secretaries, P.R.O. and three council members.

The General Council meets once a year at the time of the conference of the All India Library Association. At the General Council meeting, an annual report is passed.

Activities of Indian Library Association (ILA) - The following major tasks are being edited by it

1. Meetings - All India Conference is organized every year in different parts of the country, in which seminars are organized on one or more important and relevant subjects.

Apart from these seminars are organized from time to time on topics of topical importance. Through this, a meeting of the study circle is held in Delhi regularly once a month to discuss technical topics. Every year in November, National Library The week is organized, it establishes relations with other library associations and institutions.

2. ILA Publication - ILA Bulletin (quarterly) is published by Sandh as its official main paper which contains important articles related to business-related scholars. ILA News Letter is being published quarterly since 1978 to make its members aware of current business-related information.

Apart from this, the publication of articles and conference proceedings read from the seminar held at the time of the conference is also done every year. In 1985, the fourth edition of the Indian Library Directory is published.

3. Management of education for businessmen: Education programs are organized from time to time by the association for the benefit of working professionals. Workshops are organized in different parts of the country on the use of computers in the library and information activities.

4. Consultancy service - This association is also supporting other library associations in the province as consultants for the development of the public library system.

5. Work-related to commercial interest - The union keeps sending the memorandum to the provincial governments for passing the Library Act. It keeps trying from the Government of India University Grants Commission (U.G.C.) and other provincial governments to improve the salaries, working conditions of library professionals, etc.

6. Partnership with government bodies - The Union Government keeps presenting its demands to the organized committees related to this business.

7. Relations with international associations is a member of the major international associations (IFLA) and (COMLA: Common Wealth Library Association).

Therefore (ILA) is trying to improve the library professionals and the reputation, salary and working conditions of library professionals and its work are commendable.

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