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Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Organization (RRRLF) or Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation established in 1972 on the 200th birthday in memory of Raja Ram Mohan Roy by the Government of India under the Department of Culture of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Rajaram Mohan Roy was born on 22 May 1772, who spent all his life in adult education and social welfare.

RRRLF Trust's central office is located at Saltlake Calcutta. Since this institute is associated with human resource development, its chairman is the Minister of Human Resource Development or its representative, a work review is created by the chairman.

In which the well-known Library President, Library Scientist, National Book Trust, and Library Faculty representative is a member, besides a full-time director, four distinguished library presidents and representatives of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, its members also have a total of 22 members in the office of the establishment.

A director, a field officer, an executive officer, an accounting officer, and other employees are employed.

This trust has been registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act. It is fully funded by the Government of India.

Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation
RRRLF: Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation

Objectives of RRRLE - The objectives of this organization are as follows: -

i. To promote the book movement by planning the progress of public libraries of India in collaboration with the state governments.

ii. To inculcate the propensity to study in rural masses and adults.

iii. Formulate a National Library Policy and make efforts to adopt that policy by Central and State Governments.

iv. Encourage the state government to pass and adopt the Library Act in various states.

v. Grants to the public library through a state library planning committee constituted by the state governments.

vi. Establish a national library network or system by linking the National Library, State Central Library, District Library (Inter-Library lone).

vii. Providing technical support to public libraries.

viii. To advise the government in the library program.

ix. Establishment of Regional Library Service Center for the country.

x. Accelerating research in the library and information science.

Activities and events of RRRLF

RRRLF is constantly trying to achieve its objectives which are reflected in its programs and activities. The following are their activities: -

(1) The assistance of libraries - It has run many schemes to help public libraries which we can divide into two parts-

(A) Matching Assistance
(B) Full Assistance

(A) Matching Assistance: - All assistance or up to 50 percent assistance is provided to public libraries in the following manner.

(i) It provides Matching Grant for opening a new library and running a rural book center and providing mobile library services.

(ii) Support of book and audiovisual material.

(iii) Assistance for book collection and book display.

(iv) Grants to Balbhavans and Nehru Youth Centers to run the library.

(v) Assistance for workshops, seminars, and book exhibitions.

(vi) Assistance for building expansion from district level to lower-level public libraries.

(vii) Grant in the purchase of radio television and video etc. in district and state central libraries.

(B) Full Assistance - RRRLF in Library Science

(i) The assistance of book to state central library and district level libraries and the aid of book to district level libraries through central purchasing.

(ii) Assistance to Centrally funded libraries.

(iii) Assistance with voluntary institutions to run public libraries.

(iv) Assistance for running child libraries or for opening children's departments in public libraries.

(2) Grant to Book Associations: RRRLF provides financial assistance from time to time for organizing seminars and conferences for book associations.

(3) Library Act - RRRLF continues to endeavor that various states implement the Library Act in their area. In these efforts, the chairman of RRRLF maintains contact with the education minister and concerned departments of the states through constant correspondence.

(4) National Library Policy - The RRRLF formed a working team in 1981 to draft the National Library Policy under the chairmanship of Dr. BP Varua. As a result, in 1983, a draft National Policy on Library and information system was prepared, on the basis of which the Department of Culture, Government of India issued a draft policy statement and a review were chaired by Dr. DDP Chadhopadhyay.

Which submitted its recommendations in 1986, on which a committee was constituted to consider by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and its recommendations are under consideration with the government.

RRRLF Publications - RRRLF has the following publications

(i) Books for the million at their doorstep.
(ii) Directories of Public libraries in India.
(iii) Indian Libraries: Trenis and perpectives.
(iv) Newsletter

In this way, we can say that RRRLF has been working to give momentum to the library movement and to support public libraries if its efforts continue in this way then it is expected that the library system will be adopted in all the states and the library act will be implemented in all the states At the same time, the arrangement of the public library will be strengthened. RRRLF in Library Science

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