What is Reference Service & its type Ready & Long Reference Service

What is Reference Service & its type Ready & Long Reference Service

Library Science

What is the University Library or University Libraries

Table of Content: University Library or University Libraries Definition, Objectives, Functions, Finance, Services, & Section of University Libraries.

A university the library can be defined as- "The library which is affiliated to the university is the university library of that university."

India is a developing country, so Indian universities are expected to educate the citizens of their country who can become citizens aware of the progress and service of their country.

In addition to the education, graduation, postgraduate, and professional level of research in universities, research work is also done. 

The functions of a university cannot be complete without the university library because the university is an important integral part of the library.

University Libraries
University Library

Objectives of the University Library 

1. The most important objective of the university library is to cooperate in meeting the needs of the students, professors, researchers of their parent institution or university.

2. Providing the book on time.

3. To organize rapport between readers.

4. To assist in teaching and research.

5. Promoting social justice and national unity. University Library

Functions - The functions of the University Library can be divided into the following categories:

1. Acquisition-presentation and management of textual content, audio-visual material - This includes a selection of documents, classification, cataloging, and their arrangement on shelves, etc.

2. Education period - Under this, consumer training programs, lectures, and initiation courses, etc.

3. Readers Consultation Work - This includes documentation work and providing them to scientists and researchers. Apart from this, providing relevant reference and information service is also included.

4. Exchange of documents and interlibrary loan: - Under this, textbooks are called from other libraries as required.

5. Library Advice Datary Service works - A Head of Library can go to the Documentation Center or Information Center of another University Library by becoming a Consultant.

6. Research work - In order to improve and enhance library services and functions, research work, surveys, and study can be done in classification, cataloging, summarization, indexing, documentation, bibliographic services, etc.

7. Administrative work and managerial work: Under this, administration, management, and operation, etc.

Authority - University authority means a person who has the power or authority to do something. It is the working committee that decides all the necessary policy of the university library.

Committee - There is a library committee to run the university library smoothly. The Library Committee determines the operational policies of the library.

It is the committee that can devote sufficient time and attention to the affairs of the university, thereby enabling the university library to fulfill its objectives and functions. This committee is formed by the Library Authority.

V.C, Prov.C., Dean nominated by V.C as members of the University Library Committee besides two students nominated by University and Librarian who is its Secretary.

Building - The university should be located in the central place of the Library University, where every reader can reach it easily without wasting much time and easily.

The library a building should be attractive and functional. It should have adequate provision for lectures, films, exhibitions, and other such programs. 

There should be proper management of air, natural light, and electricity. The building is air-conditioned if possible.

Finance - The following are the sources of finance of the University Library

i. Grant received from University Grants Commission
ii. Overdue charges from state government grant
iv. Expired fee

Also U.G.C. The library inspects the library every five years and finances the university library accordingly.

The University Library has been given an annual fund by the State Government of Finance to the University Library. goes. 

Apart from this, other sources are also received in the form of finance.

Staff - There should be qualified, trained, and hard-working staff in the university library. Apart from this, professional staff should also be insufficient quantity so that the work and services of the library can be completed smoothly.

The vocational staff of the University should provide educational level as they contribute significantly to university education.

Their pay scales should also be on par with the professors. Non-professional employees should also be qualified and educated and their pay scales should be inline with the state government employees so that they can discharge their responsibilities with dedication and readiness.

Services - Library services are found in one university library different from another university library. Today, with the advent of computers in the library, a wide variety of services have become possible in a wide range of areas.

The main library services that the university provides are as follows:

i. Exchange service

ii. Provision of general and specific information

iii. Bibliographic Instruction and Library orientation

iv. Help in searching documents

v. Using and understanding the library catalog

vi. Giving information to consult reference sources

vii. Readers Consulting Services

viii. Literature search

ix. Compilation of reference books and study lists

X. Abstracting and Indexing Service

xi. Interlibrary exchange (ILL)

xii. Reservation of Documents

xiii. Maintenance of clippings

xiv. Reprographic service

xv. Translation services

xvi. Organizing book exhibitions

xvii. Current awareness services

xviii. Selective dissemination of information service etc. etc.

Depending on the above services, a university library may have the following sections, depending on the size and means:

Section of the university library

i. Acquisition section

ii. Technical section

iii. Circulation section

iv. Reference service

v. Journal section

vi. Research section

vii. Documentation Section

viii. Administrative section

ix. Report section

x. Account section

xi. Manuscript section

xii. Reprographic section

xiii. Maintenance section

xiv. Processing section

Xv. Reference Bibliographic section

xvi. Departmental libraries

xvii. Text Book section

The University Library is the heart of the University. Due to the multifaceted activities of the university, the utility of the university library to meet The needs of the readers have increased a lot today.

The more prosperous the university library, the richer the academic environment of that university. 

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