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The bibliography is a systematic table of readable content that acts as a key to Search for a user's desired document from a vast ocean of information. Bibliographies bring the attention of the users to their information or knowledge only with the help of Bibliographies.

Bibliographies are considered a useful tool for study and research because no information the organization can function without effective Bibliographies.

A bibliography can be a table of works of a single author works related to a particular subject, or region-wise.

The bibliography is different from the catalog and index. The catalog is basically a list of books of a compilation and does not include any book which is different from the collection. The index of a book also differs from Bibliography, although both provide access to information.

Bibliographies often provide only one access point of information and the index provides multiple access points. Thus both the catalog and index act as a source for compiling Bibliography.

Bibliography - National and Trade Bibliographies

Functions of Bibliographies

The main function of Bibliography is to help the user find the information source he wants. Apart from this, he also has

1. A bibliography is a systematic guide to the literature of a subject.

2. It searches for the title on the given topic and ensures relevant details such as - writer, publisher, place of publication and year, etc.

3. It acts as a selection tool for the acquisition of texts.

4. It helps in getting information about all the works of a particular writer.

5. Literature This is a typical document saving time related to the users of the researchers because the quantity helps in making the selection huge.

6. It directs the researchers towards those areas where complete research is being done in a subject and what progress is being made in it.

7. It is useful in conducting retrospective research for research purposes.

8. It encourages the application of available knowledge and helps in the creation of new knowledge.

9. It helps the Granthalayi to keep it within limits if the budget of the Library is limited.

Types of Bibliographies

Bibliographies are of the following types:

1. Subject Bibliographies) - Subject Bibliography is that which is related to anyone subject. This topic can be a place. Like-USA can be someone. Like Narendra Modi, there can be a broad subject like - social science, computer science can be a small branch of the subject.

Ranganathan has defined the subject Bibliography as saying that subject Bibliography is a list of documents of a specific subject area. Example: Current Contents: Life Sciences.

2. National Bibliographies - National Bibliographies are serial publications which are current and present a table of publications of a particular country. The table of works published in a country or the table of works were written by the citizens of that country or the works written in the language of that country is called National Bibliographies.

The National Bibliography List can be expressed as follows.

  • Table of all the books published in a country.
  • Table of all the texts related to a country.
  • Table of all published texts of citizens of a country.
  • Table of all the books published about all the citizens of a country.

Examples -
Indian National Bibliography (India).
British National Bibliography (Great Britain).
Australian National Bibliography (Australia).

3. Business/Trade Bibliographies - Trade Bibliography is a table of books and other readable material published in any country and is available for sale through publishers, booksellers, and trade agencies. The main function of commercial Bibliographies is to encourage book trade.

Its purpose is business, so the sale is encouraged. Trade Bibliography can be defined as a table of books and other readable materials available for sale by booksellers, publishers, printers, and distributors.

It can be national and international by region. Unpublished documents such as dissertations, theses, social publications, etc. are often not included in them. They are also published by individual publishers or vendors about their documents.

Examples - Indian Books in Prints, Delhi, Role in Print New York. 

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