MCQs on Information Technology and Source in Library Science

MCQs on Information Technology and Source in Library Science

Library Science

MCQ on Information Source & Technology | MCQ on Library Science | LIS MCQs

MCQ on Library Science or Library and Information Science. MCQ with Answer on MCQ on Information Source & Technology which is the subject of Library and Information Science or Library Science,

This Question and Answer is Very important for various University library exams and Competitive exams. Like Library Science UGC-NET, Librarian KVS, Librarian NVS, RSMSSB, Library Recruitment DSSSB, & Other Library and Information Science Competitive Exams.

MCQ on Information Technology and Source

1. CCF was developed by?

2. Who was first, organized Computerised Indexing?
Ans:-H.P. Luhan

3. INFLIBNET, networking developed by UGC was established in the?
Ans- 1988 (Ahmedabad)

4. INTERNET was developed in which country?
Ans- USA (Defence Department)

5. INSDOC was established in the year?
Ans- 1952

6. UNESCO was established in?
Ans- 1946

7. International Federation for documentation (FID) was established in?
Ans- 1895

8. Who published Indian Science Abstracts?

9. CDS/ ISIS the package was developed by?

10. Which of the following network is not for educational purposes?

11. Which one is the primary document?
(a) Bibliography
(b) Dictionary
(c) Directory
(d) Research Report
Ans- Research report

12. The Encyclopaedia Americana is available in how many parts?
Ans- 30

13. Gui book of a world record is published from?
Ans- Newyork

14. Where the UGC science information center is located?
Ans- Banglore

15. Where Medical Library of India is situated?
Ans.- New Delhi

16. In which year the computer was used first time in India?
Ans- 1960

17. The person who completes the dictionary is known as:
Ans- Lexicographer

18. Which one is not a library software?
(a) MS-DOS
(b) Libsys
(c) Sanjay
(d) Mitrayee

19. OCLC is situated in which country?
Ans- USA

20. Head office of the INFLIBNET is at?
Ans- Ahmedabad

21. Which one is the input device?
Ans- Mouse

22. The full form of the ILA is?
Ans- Indian Library Association

23. National Science Library is situated at?
Ans- New Delhi

24. ISA stands for?
Ans- Information Science Association

25. Which is the oldest national level association?
Ans- ALA: American Library Association.

MCQ on Library Science
MCQ on Information Source & Technology | MCQ on Library Science

26. Which association starting project on MARC-I
(a) ALA
(b) ILA
(c) CLA
(d) LC

27. The "Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science" has been published by?
Ans:-Marcel Dekker

28. The secondary source of information comprised of?
Ans:-Indexing and Abstracting periodicals

29. Who categorized information sources into conventional, non-conventional, neo-conventional, and micro documents?

30. Article published in the research journal is........
(A) Reference sources
(B) Secondary sources
(C) Primary sources
(D) Tertiary sources
Ans :-( C) Primary sources

31. What is the Thesaurus?
(A) A collection of selected terminology
(B) Synonymous terms
(C) List of words
(D) All of the above
Ans :-( D) All of the above

32. What is a Patent?
(A) An agreement to the Government
(B) Document of the library
(C) "An agreement between the inventor & Government"
(D) An agreement between the library and Publisher
Ans:-An agreement between the inventor and the Government

33. Word of learning is a what source of information?
(A) Primary source
(B) Documentary source
(C) Secondary source
(D) Tertiary source
Ans:-Secondary source

34. Where are Indian books published in print?
(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Chennai
(C) Bombay
(D) New Delhi
Ans:-New Delhi

35. The cumulative book index is published from?
(A) India
(C) Canada
(D) Thailand

36. The statesman yearbook is published from?
(A) London (MacMillan, Annual)
(B) New york
(C) Calcutta
(D) Chicago
Ans:-London MacMillan (Annual)

37. Word of learning is Published by
(A) Asian events
(B) Keesing's
(C) Europa publication
(D) Harper & Row
Ans:-(C) Europa publication

38. Who is the editor of “Library Herald”
Ans:-Krishan Kumar

39. Who has Published the monthly Journal “The Library World'
Ans: -J. D. Brown

40. Facts of The file is a weekly digest of
Ans:-World events

41. Who is the first editor of  “Modern Librarian"?
Ans:- F. Monbrary Volte

42. Indian national Bibliographical first appeared in

43. The yearbook is also known as
(A) Handbook 
(B) annual/ Almanac 
(C) Directory 
(D) Dictionary
Ans:-Annual/ Almanac

28. What is India: A reference annual?
(A) Year Book 
(B) Almanac 
(C) Gide book 
(D) Handbook
Ans:-Year Book

29. What is Trade bibliography?
(A) List of Author Bibliography
(B) List of Special Bibliography
(C) List of books in print or for sale compiled by a publisher
(D) List of books of trade Library
Ans:-List of books in print or for sale compiled by a publisher

30. Who publishes INIS Atom Index?
(A) INIS (Viena) 
(B) LC.
Ans:-INIS (Viena)

31. What is the meaning of E-Documents?
(A) All Documents other than printed
(B) Non-Paper documents
(C) In electronic form such as "Cassettes, CD-ROMs", etc.
(D) Audiovisual tools
Ans:-In electronic form such as "Cassettes, CD-ROMs", etc.

32. Which of the following are not the documents?
(A) Manuscript
(B) Book
(C) Inscription
(D) Periodical

33. Generally, the information sources are divided mainly into the following categories?
(A) Primary and secondary.
(B) Reference and information sources.
(C) Documentary and non-documentary
(D) Books and periodicals
Ans:-Documentary and non-documentary

34. What are the non-documentary sources?
(A) Which are in printed form.
(B) Which are in not printed form
(C) Which are nor documents
(D) None of these
Ans:-Which is in not printed form

35. What types of information sources are most useful today?
(A) Reference sources
(B) Documentary source
(C) Non- Documentary source
(D) Both the Documentary and Non-Documentary sources
Ans:-Non- Documentary source

36. Cover to the cover translation is treated as?
(A) Selective dissemination service
(B) Current awareness services
(C) On-demand services
(D)Anticipatory services
Ans - Current awareness services

37. What are the appropriate reference sources for information on a particular location?
(A) Directory
(B) Gazetteer
(C) Encyclopedia
(D) Yearbook

38. What do you call a collection of maps, tables, charts, etc.?
(A) Globe
(B) Gazetteer
(C) Atlas
(D) Map

39. Encyclopedia Americana consists of?
(A) 20 Volumes
(B) 25 Volumes
(c) 28 Volumes
(D) 30 Volumes
Ans:-30 Volumes

40. Which of the following are not secondary sources?
(A) Encyclopedia
(B) Digest
(C) Thesis
(D) Text book

41. What is the National bibliography?
(A) List of books of National Library
(B) "List of books published in a particular Nation/Country"
(C) List of books are written by the National government
(D) List of books on a nation
Ans:-List of books published in a particular Nation

42. What is the world of learning?
(A) Directory
(B) Encyclopedia
(C) Dictionary
(D) Yearbook
Answer: (A) Directory

43. What is the frequency of I.N.B.?
(A) Quarterly
(B) Monthly
(C) Weekly
(D) Annual

44. “Facts on File" is a
(A) Weekly list
(B) Fortnightly
(C) Monthly
(D) Quarterly
Ans:-Weekly list

45. The "World Wide Web" (WWW) was first designed by
(A) Charles Babbage
(B) F. W. Lancaster
(C) Ted Nelson
(D) Tim Berner's Lee
Ans:-Tim Berner's Lee

46. Which generation of computers uses integrated circuits (ICs)?
(A) First 
(B) Second 
(C) Third 
(D) Fourth

47. The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) belongs to?
Ans:-Fifth Generation Computers

48. Computer memory is measured in?
(A) Bytes (B) Kilobytes (C) Megabytes (D) All of the above
Ans:-All of the above

49. The term "Cyberspace" was first used by
(A) Andrew Pollock 
(B) William Gibson 
(C) John Postal 
(D) Joe Flower
Ans:-William Gibson

50. The term hypertext was coined by whom?
(A) Ted Nelson (B) Vannevar Bush (C) John Brown (D) J. C. Kith
Ans:-Ted Nelson

51. What are the three types of basic languages used in computer programming?
(A) Zero, low and high levels
(D) Machine, Assembly, and high-level languages.
Ans- (D) Machine, Assembly, and high-level languages.

52. When CD-ROM was prepared and made?

53. Which of the following software is useful for word processing?
Ans- (C) WordStar

54. NICNET and INFONET is the network of which category?
(A) LAN (B) MAN (C) WAN (D) Internet
Ans - (C) WAN

55. Who designed the analytical engine?
Ans:-Charles Babbage

56. Calculating machine is developed by?

57. What is a bug?
(A) Computer Virus
(B) Error in Computer Configuration
(C) Error in a Programme
(D) None of these
Ans - (B) Error in Computer Configuration

58. Does ENIAC stands for?
Ans:-Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator

59. ISO-9960 is related to?
(A) The standard for encoding data on CD-ROM
 (B) The standard for Computer Hardware
(C) The standard for Information Processing
(D) Standard for Networking
Ans- (A) The the standard for encoding data on CD-ROM

60. "INTERNET" was initially developed by the US Department of
Ans:- Defense Department. 

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