MCQ on Library Management in Library Science (LIS MCQs)

MCQ on Library Management in Library Science (LIS MCQs)

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Library Science MCQs | Library & Information Science MCQ | Library Science MCQ

MCQ on Library and Information Science. MCQ with Answer on Library Management which is the subject of Library and Information Science or Library Science, This Question and Answer is Very important for various University library exams and Competitive exams. Like UGC-NET, KVS, NVS, RSMSSB, DSSSB, & Other Library and Information Science Competitive Exams.

1. The elements of Management are Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing, Coordinating, Reporting, and ........?
Ans- Budgeting

2. The watchword "POSDCORB" was adopted by?
  • P-planning
  • O-organisation
  • S - Staffing
  • D - Direction
  • CO - Coordination
  • R- Reporting
  • B - Budgeting

3. Who gave the slogan Right book to the right reader at the right time?
Ans- Dr. S.R.Rangnathan

4. Dr.S.R Ranganathan divides management function into ...... .components.
Ans- Five

5. The standard size of an Accession Register is?
Ans- 16 " x13"

6. Esprit de crops imply:
Ans- Unity of command

7. 14 Principles of Management are identified by (प्रबंधन के 14 सिद्धान्त को किसके द्वारा प्रतिपादित किया गया)
Ans- Henery Feyol

8. Who was introduced to MBO?
Ans- Peter Drucker

9. Acronym ‘POSDCORB' is coined by
Ans- L. Gullick & L. Urwick

10. Who is the father of scientific Management?
Ans- F.W.Taylor

11. Who is known as the father of Management?
Ans- Henery Feyol

12. The number of principles given by Feyol is?
Ans- Fourteen (14)

13. The "Theory of demand" for book selection was given by?
Ans- Dury

14. Who introduced the ‘Newark ' charging-discharging system?
Ans- Newark State Library

15. "Fumigation ” the term is related to?
Ans- Preservation

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MCQ Library Science

16. Who gave the basic principle of book selection in 1930?
Ans- Dury

17. Who gave the principle of work division?
Ans- Scientific Management

18. Unity of work, unity of direction, and expansion of control is the principle of:
Ans- Management

19. Brown, the charging-discharging system belongs to:
Ans- USA

20. In the acronyms ‘POSDCORB’ ‘CO' stands for what?
Ans- Coordination

21. Who introduced the three-card system of periodic management?
Ans- S.R. Ranganathan

22. How many elements of management given by Luther Gulick?
Ans- 7 element

23. When Peter F. Drucker defined M.B.O. (Management by Objectives)?
(A) 1951 (B) 1962 (C) 1954 (D) 1964
Ans- 1954

24. The "#theory of demand and supply of books" was given by
(A) Melvil Dewey (B) Dr. S. R. Ranganathan (C) Mc Colvin (D) Sayers
Ans- Mc Colvin

25. To provide the best books to the maximum readers at the minimum cost ” said by?
(A) Dr. S. R. Ranganathan (B) P. N. Kaula (C) E.Mayo (D) Melvil Dewey
Ans- Melvil Dewey

26. Who developed Theory X and Theory Y?
Ans- Douglas Mc Gregor

27. How many digits in International Standard Book Number (ISBN) now?
(A) 12 (B) 19 (C) 11 (D) 13

28. How many digits are there now in ISSN (International Standard Serial Number)?
(A) 10 
(B) 12 
(C) 15 
(D) 11

29. Herzberg's theory deals with
(A) Directing (B) Staffing (C) Planning (D) Motivation

30. Who is the father of Scientific Management?
(A) F.W. Taylor (B) Harold Koontz (C) Peter F. Drucker (D) Luther Gulick
Ans:-F.W. Taylor

31. CPM (Critical Path Method) is developed by
(A) IBM (B) Aircraft Corporation (C) IIM (D) Dupoint Company 
Ans:-Dupoint Company

32. The main use of Shelf list is
(A) Cataloging 
(B) Circulation 
(C) Stock Verification 
(D) Book Selection

33. Theory X and Theory Y related to
(A) Planning 
(B) Motivation 
(C) Directing 
(D) Staffing

34. Which national agency in India is responsible for assigning the ISBN
(C) NCL 
(D) National Library of India

35. Zero Base Budgeting system was propounded by
(A) Peter F. Drucker (B) P.N. Kaula (C) E.Mayo (D) Pter Phyrr

Ans:-Peter Pharr

36. When Zero Base Budgeting system was first prepared?
(A) 1952 (B) 1961 (C) 1970 (D) 1990

37. Posting the right person at the right place is called?

38. TQM is a system of continuous improvement employing participative management and centered on the needs of the
(A) Customers 
(B) Staff 
(C) Organization 
(D) Government
Ans - Organization

39. A budget which mainly covers items of current revenue and expenditure is called
(A) Program budget (B) Welfare economics (C) Current budgeting (D) Capital budgeting
Ans: Capital budgeting

40. In fund accounting, a fund can not be used for other purposes.
(A) Recurring 
(B) Non-recurring 
(C) Restricted 
(D) Encumbering

41. What are the two parts of the annual report of the library
(A) Primary and Secondary 
(B) Analytical and Systematic 
(C) Upper and Lower 
(D) Descriptive and Statistical
Ans:-Descriptive and Statistical

42. Who is the pioneer of open access system in British libraries
(A) Nine e. Brown 
(B) James Duff Brown 
(C) john cotton dana 
(D) S. R. Ranganathan
Ans:-James Duff Brown

43. When was New york Charging system started?
(A) 1900 
(B) 1896 
(C) 1899 
(D) 1875

44. Who started the New york Charging system?
(A) Peter Drucker (B) Elton Mayo (C) John Cotton Dana (D) Francis Bacon
Ans:-John Cotton Dana

45. How many columns are there in the accession register?
(A) 10 (B) 12 (C) 14 (D) 16

46. When was PERT developed?
(A) 1958 (B) 1968 (C) 1955 (D) 1948

47. Who had invented the MBO and year?
(A) Elton Mayo (B) Frederic Winslow Taylor (C) Peter Drucker (1954) (D) Kenneth Blanchard
Ans:-Peter Drucker (1954)

48. Who is the father of the Classical School of management?
Answer: Henri Fayol

49. Who coined the word POSDCORB?
Answer: Luther Gulick & L. Urwik

50. Another term of PERT is?
Answer: CPM

51. is one of the records of the circulation section.
Ans:-Accession Register

52. Getting books back from the users and releasing the borrower's ticket is known as
A. charging 
B. holding 
C. Reserving 
D. discharging

53. While entering the library, the personal belongings of a reader are kept in?
Ans:-Property counter

54. Books misplaced on the shelves by readers are restored. This work is referred to?
Ans- Shelf Rectification.

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