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Definition of National Library

The library whose purpose is to preserve the knowledge available in the nation and serve the entire nation is called the National Library. National Library means a Library where the national literature Property and physical heritage are collected and protected with the consent of the law.

Reading material is compiled according to the needs of all types of readers. The National Library of India is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

The National Library of India was established in the year 1936 in the name of Calcutta public library which was merged into the Imperial Library in 1902 AD. 

After independence, it was declared a National Library in 1948, and in 1953 it was opened to all Indians by the then Education Minister Abul Kalam Azad.

The statement of Dr. SR Ranganathan, father of library science. "The Library has the duty of collection and preserving for postrity, the library product of the country. It is the central station for assembling and disassembling thought every"

National Library
NatiNational Library of India

History of National Library - Provision for the establishment of National Library of India Under Section 62 of the Constitution, the 7th Appendix of the Federal List is made.

The National Library of India is in Calcutta, one of the foundations of this library there is a long history. Its history begins with the Public Library established in 1836. 

In 1844 it was established in a building called Minkoff. At the time of 1890, Pyari Chandra Mitra was the Head of the Public Library. In 1891, the then Viceroy Lardarkarjan established the Imperial Library by merging several secretariat libraries.

The Calcutta Public Library was later merged with the Imperial Library under the Imperial Library Act of 1902. This new Imperial Library of India was opened for use to the public on 30 January 1903 at Medkoff Hall. 

John Macfarlane of the British Museum was made the first head of this new Imperial Library. With this, the acquisition of rare and best books became the objective of this school.

In 1907, Harinath Dey became in charge of it. In 1911, J. A. Chapman took over the reorganization of this library and developed administrative and its reforms for the all-round development. In 1928, a Government Committee on India constituted the library.

According to which the Imperial Library of Research should be declared as Depository Library and as a method, it should be sent two copies of the book and magazine published in the country, but it was a failed plan.

KM Asadullah became a librarian in 1933. He started six months in 1935. Started library training. Which lasted until 1945. After this, VS Keshavan became Librarian.

In 1948 the Government of India named it National Library under an Act and VS Keshavan became its Librarian. In 1951, on the recommendation of the then Governor of West Bengal, Mr. Rajagopachari, it was relocated from Madkoff Hall to Belvedere where it is to date.

On 1 February 1953, the then Minister of Government of India, Maulana Abul Azad, was opened to the entire nation.

Structure (Organization) of the National Library

(1) President-Education (Central)
(2) Secretary-Librarian
(3) Dept Librarian
(4) Asst. Librarian
(5) Cataloger, classifier

Objectives of the National Library

  • Acquisition and conservation of all the literary material of the nation.
  • Acquisition and conservation of handwritten materials of national importance.
  • Schematic acquisition of foreign printed material of interest to the nation.
  • To act as a center for international book regulations and international books.
  • To provide documentation and textual services of current and past lighting material.
  • To act as a knowledgeable guide.

Role and Function of the National Library

The National Library has an important role in the development of library services in the country. The National Library contacts the libraries of the country and abroad and acquires rare reading materials.

According to Arnold Isdell, "The main duty of the National Library is to make history and literature accessible to the progressive students of the entire nation, educating teachers, writers and the educated".

National The library has the following duties

1. Publication of National Bibliography: - National Library is responsible for publishing National Bibliography, under this it is responsible for the publication of all the books to be published in the country.

The Delivery of Books Act of 1954 makes it mandatory for publishers to send a few copies of each publication to the National Library. By creating a list of these publications, the national library is responsible for publishing the national bibliography.

2. Protection of cultural studies material - According to the famous Indian scholar Dr. Ranganathan, the security of cultural studies of the country is the main task of the National Library. 

At the same time, to provide equal facilities of learning to every citizen of the country and to create such a feeling that people can use the natural resources of the country through various activities to help the public in their education.

It is decided that if the brain of every person in the country is not creative, then the overall development of the nation will not be possible at a rapid pace.

3. Editing the Federal List: - The National Library is responsible for editing a federal list of libraries associated with this library and collaborating with other libraries.

4. To make full provision of reference service in libraries and facilitate the international exchange of books.

5. Co-ordination with International Bibliography - It is also the function of the National Library to coordinate with the work of the International Bibliography on the National Library and keep important information in this regard.

6. In the dissemination of information. Through its book collection, the National Library is a repository of vast information and is provided to the user whenever information is required. Thus, the library not only collects information but also disseminates it.

Acquisition of rare documents available in the country

7. Acquisition of rare documents available in the country.

8. Contacting foreign library as Contact Library.

9. Provide leadership to the library of the country.

10. Establish standardization in classification and cataloging methods.

11. To arrange for the training of library staff.

Management of National Library: National Library is a part of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The director of this institution is the head of this institution.

For which there are two posts of librarians. According to the work, it is divided into two parts:

(a) Technical Department: its workbook selection, book acquisition, presentation, Book preservation, etc.

(b) Administrative Department: - Its main function is to look after the administrative functions. In addition to keep an eye on how many books, documents, handwritten texts, map magazines, etc. are there in the National Library, the staff working in the National Library

Services: - The National Library provides the following types of services:

(a) Payable and interlibrary loan
(b) Reading room
(C) Bibliography and Reference Service
(d) Document reproduction or reproduction. 

The functions and rights of the National Library is highlighted. After a deep analysis of all these facts, we come to the conclusion that the condition of the National Library is pathetic. Apart from this, despite the National Library being the Depository Library, books are exchanged in this library which is sad because if a book or other the document is lost by the reader then it is difficult to find that book.

Under the Delivery of Book and periodical Act, a book National Library used to think that the work of A bibliography will be done by them but the work of National Bibliography is actually being done by the Central Reference Library which is sad for the National Library.

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