Depository Library in India and National Depository Centre of India

National Depository Libraries Center of India is a public library. There are four Depository Library Centre in India, Asiatic Society Library, Connemara Public Library, National Library of India, & Delhi Public Library

National Depository Center receives a copy of all books, magazines, and newspapers, published in the country along with International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) and International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

There are four Depository Library Centre in India

#01. Asiatic Society Library

It is also Know as the Asiatic Society of Bombay and Literary Society of Bombay. Asiatic Society Library Establishment in 1804 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Asiatic Society Library is a Learned Society and Literary Society in the field of Asian studies.

#02. Connemara Public Library

Connemara Public Library establishment in 1890 at Egmore in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Which receives a copy of all books, newspapers, and periodicals published in India.

Depository Library in India

#03. National Library of India

The National Library is the largest and oldest library in India. The National Library of India is an establishment in 1948 at Kolkata.

To preserve the splendor and history of the country and the knowledge gained by mankind the library is very much needed in the country, which is called the National Library.

04. Delhi Public Library

Delhi Public Library is one of the national depository libraries in India. It is established‎ on ‎27 October 1951 in New Delhi.

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