Library Award for Excellence & outstanding work in Libraries & Library and Information Science fields.

This article discusses some important library Awards. Like John Cotton Dana, Granthalaya Bhushan, Bauker Bibliography, Ranganathan Kaula, ALA Grolier Foundation instituted Robikans medal, David Melville, & Speare Memorial Award for a great contribution to the field of the library.

MCQs on Library Award for Excellence work in Library and Information Science field, & Libraries.

01. The John Cotton Dana Award is given by

Answer: John Cotton Dana Award is given by the Special Library Association of America (SLA)

02. Tell us about Granthalaya Bhushan Award?

Answer: This the award was started by the Maharashtra Library Association in 1979 and the award was first given to MT Ilian Bhausaheb Dalal.

03. Tell us about the Bauker Bibliography Award?

Answer: This the award is being given to the students of colleges of library business since 1975 for the work of Bibliography.

04. Tell us about Ranganathan Kaula Award?

Answer: This the award, instituted by PN Kola Endowment for Library and Information Science, Guntur Andhra Pradesh. The award was first given to Professor S. Basruddin in 1981.

05. When was the ALA Grolier Foundation instituted Award?

Answer: In 1968 

Library Award

06. For what is the Ranganathan Award given?

Answer: Ranganathan Award provided for the research Classification Field. 

07. Who was the first Ranganadhan Award?

Answer: Derek Austin for contributing to the development of the PRECIS.

08. Gustub Hoffman Study Grant and Gustav Bas Mel Literacy Award are given by whom?

Answer: IFLA

09. Who is awarded the Robikans medal?

Answer: Once every 2 years, for the imaginative power of the new and developed method and the technique in library administration and organization.

10. Who was first given the David Melville Award?

Answer: Ralph Arshah in 1953

11. Who is given the Speare Memorial Award in the library field?

Answer: This award is given to a student who has scored in classification in the examination conducted by the Library Association.  

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